Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm in Phang Nga

After two days traveling, I am in my house in Phang Nga. It's 9:22 a.m., I've eaten and been cleaning, and soon I will meet a co-teacher for lunch, check out the school, and learn about my schedule and the curriculum. I'll be teaching students ages 12-18, and I wonder how it will compare to Kinder. Unfortunately my luggage is lost. I have the basics, and previous PiA fellows have left some things like dress shirts, so really all I'm missing is slacks. Two co-teachers met me at the airport, took me to dinner, and then to the "Big C" so that I will not starve.

Phang Nga is verdant; my house sits in the shadow of a limestone mountain, of which I will soon take many pictures. I live in what looks at first like a really nice slum- the houses are packed pretty close, and most are patchwork, but everything is well maintained, and the central road, which is outside my front door, is paved. It's quiet. I hear insects, birds, roosters, the occasional motorcyle, children crying, and not much else.

My two story, slatted house is wonderful, more space than I need, and I am not its only occupant. Cockroaches and spiders seem to keep popping out of corners, and I scared a a gecko this morning. He jumped like 5 feet, it was sweet. During breakfast, a cat leapt onto a windowsill and appraised me. Now I had heard that I might have a cat, but so far, he's approaching cautiously. But the electricity works, there's wi-fi, and it's relatively clean. I have a shower and a western toilet. I sleep under a mosquito net.

I was expecting the town to be denser, and I'm a little disappointed that things aren't more pedestrian friendly. The main thoroughfare is hard to walk down and everyone seems to get around on motorbikes. I, fortunately, also have a motorbike. Now I need to learn how to ride it.

I will post more when I know more, hopefully with pictures. Until then,


  1. [okay so I am reposting this because my first long comment was deleted somehow]

    So Seth, sounds like you have a sweet deal there! I am so sure you will make the best of it. I miss you alot actually. See I have this thing where I miss people a lot more when they go really far away from me. At least if you had went back to NY you would have been vistable (and yes I just made that word up hehe)! Either way, Im glad you ventured out! Im sure you'll have a great time. Please take TONS of pictures so Jayden (my little girl in case you forgot her name) and I can look at them! Oh, I would pay to see you ride your motorbike! Either way, take care of the cat!

    PS you keep writing, i'll keep reading. Love you!

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  3. Seth, it doesn't sound too bad. Is it super hot and humid? Are there other bedrooms with mosquito nets? How is the bed or are you on the floor? What is growing in the area near you? I certainly hope you have picked up a little food for the cat. Does it have a name yet? You need to make your mom, sister, and me proud of your animal care. ;-) How wonderfu for you. So, glad you are there and safe. I look forward to pictures. Have a great time! Ellen

  4. Ellen, there's like so many cats, I'm not sure which one I'm supposed to take care of. They actually seem pretty well fed. There's chickens wandering around- and plenty of roosters, as I'm so aware of around 6 each morning. I sleep on a comfortable mattress on the floor under a mosquito net, no other bedrooms, but another bed in my room. So far I'm having a good time.